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Phoenix Vineyards 1996 Napa Valley Sangiovese

Phoenix Vineyards proudly announces the release of our 1996 Napa Valley Sangiovese. This wine, which we refer to as the "Blood of Jupiter", is a varietal Sangiovese. We also have blended a small amount of Pinotage in this vintage, as we have done with several previous offerings. This vintage also has a touch of Zinfandel in the blend as well. We find that the Pinotage tends to fill out the midpalate of the wine and increase the body.

Our Sangiovese gets it's name from the grape name Sangiovese itself; sources say Sangiovese translates from Italian in to English to mean, literally (Sangus, Sangre=Blood...Jovus, Jove=Jupiter), the "Blood" of Jupiter. This wine's deep red color supports that heritage.

Bottled just this spring, the wine will be released to the market July 1st. Mark your calendars!

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