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In The Vineyard At Phoenix

April 2001

Things are popping out in the vineyard! All of the vines are pushing new shoots vigorously-you can alsmost see them growing with the naked eye. The pruning of the vineyard was completed in February and, after some shoot tying, the vine canopy wil be stable until mid May. Besides maintaining the mature vines we are days away from planting another 1.5 acres of land adjacent to our Estate. We will be planting Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinotage in the first stage with a small quantity of Sangiovese going in next year. Also, we are embarking on a large project of interplanting all of the existing Estate vineyard with new vines. This will double the vines per acre that we have and will dramatically reduce the pounds of fruit produced per vine. In turn this will lead to greater concentration of flavors in the resulting grapes. Of course, it will be 4 years before we see the first crop from these new vines. But, in the vineyard business, one must always be thinking ahead.

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