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Springtime In And Around Phoenix Vineyards

In the beautiful Napa Valley we are often blessed with fantastic weather. Although this spring has been on the wet side due to the El Nino phenomenon it has still been wonderful. The vines aren't the only things that show themselves proudly in this time of the year; we grow many types of flowers on the Estate and have a small fruit tree orchard as well.

Above you can see the view from the garden behind the house up to the winery building. Even though you can hardly see it there is a vineyard hiding behind this impressive batallion of white Iris. Poppies, Roses, and wildflowers are other things to be found in and around the vineyard.

And, we can't forget the vines. Below is a picture of a Cabernet Sauvignon vine just budding out. The buds pop open for this variety usually in mid-April and will get to this stage in about a week or ten days. From this point until the berries change color in August the vine is really pushing and growing.

How did this little fellow sneak in here? As usual, he's up to no good. This is Sylvester, another resident of Phoenix Vineyards. He often acts as if he owns the property. On any given day, especially in the Springtime, he's likely to be found making his rounds and poking his nose into trouble along with the other six cats on the property.