My, How Our Winery Has Changed!

When we purchased our current winery property and Estate in 1983 it was quite barren. It had an old tractor and a leaky, old, one story barn on it. The building wasn't much to look at but the foundation was fortunately quite sturdy. Where others may have seen only the rough spots, we saw the potential.

Here we see some of the early work in progress. In the first summer we put the new second story on the old barn (complete with new roof!). We also extended the building out to the edges of it's original foundation which allowed us to add the three bays clearly visible here. Also, you can still see the old tractor at the xtreme right edge of the photo. Soon after this picture was taken the rehabilitation of the tractor was undertaken by Erik Bader. It's in much better shape today and with a few final touches will be running again.

The next phase of construction included expanding the working area/foundation of the building. To give us the space we would need to work we knew a slightly larger building was necessary. We also needed to include a good drain system to effectively dispose of wash water. Here we see the footings for the Phase 2 foundation which nearly doubled the available working surface of the winery.

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