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Hello From Phoenix Vineyards!

Greetings from Phoenix Vineyards. My name is Aaron Bader and I'm the winemaker at this small, family owned and operated winery located in the beautiful Napa Valley in California. We've been growing winegrapes for fifteen years and making them into our own wine under the Phoenix Vineyards label since 1991. We are a relatively small winery and produce only about 2000 cases of wine per year. Most of our wine is sold within the state of California but we do ship small amounts to distributors in Colorado, Michigan, Texas, Iowa, Illinois and New Jersey.

Our Wines and How To Get Them

Most of the wines produced at Phoenix Vineyards are reds but we do make a small amount of white wine as well.

Our focus is CABERNET SAUVIGNON and it makes up about half of our production. The oldest vines on our property are Cabernet Sauvignon and they do quite well in our hillside vineyard. This wine is one of the most structured wines we produce. It can be aged for drinking later because of it's longevity but we try to tame it's hard nature and create a wine that can be enjoyed young as well. Our Caberent Sauvignon shows quite a bit of ripe, briary fruit when young and usually picks up more spice, tobacco, and earthy qualities as it ages.

We also produce a MERLOT, which we refer to as "LITTLE BLACKBIRD" (Little Blackbird is purported to be the translation of the French slang term "Merlot"-this variety ripens relatively early in Bordeaux, France and is said to be favored by our flying friends). This wine is a luscious mouthful.

SANGIOVESE is another grape we grow and produce into wine. Sangiovese, the grape name, translates from Italian into English to mean the "BLOOD OF JUPITER". The wine has a deep red color which probably led ancient Italian vintners to this choice of name. The wine is wonderful with food and has an abundance of spice and fruit characters.

In addition to these we also make ZINFANDEL. The fruit of this wine jumps out of the glass. We usually push this variety to complete ripeness to maximize the fullness of the fruit characters. This wine is superb with grilled foods.

We often will produce additional wines as well, such as Pinot Grigio, Syrah and Pinotage among others. These small lots are usually only available directly from the winery. We believe in experimentation and like to try new things as we feel most people do. We grow many of these varieties as well.


Our wines are distibuted by the following people and companies
Call them for information on where to find our wines in your area

-in Northern California inquire to Harvest Wines (800-655-3003)
-in Southern California phone Harvest Wines (800.655.3003)
-in the state of Michigan call The McLean Wine Co. (517.922.7877)
-in Colorado call Elizabeth Imports/ Seranissima Wines (303.394.0691)
-in Texas contact Vine & Spirits Distributing (214.630.0650)
-in Illinois inquire to Lionstone International (847.604.8733)
-for the state of Iowa call Erik Rosenquist at Wine Intelligence (319.354.3656)
-in New Jersey contact Jeff Krietzman with Maximum Distributors of N.J. (609.409.9775)
-and in Arizona call the Frank-Lin Beverage Company (480.967.7894)

And, if you'd like, you can always call us here at Phoenix Vineyards directly. Call us toll free at 1-877-3-PHOENIX (877.374.6364). We also have a phone/fax line at 707.255.1971. You can order the wines direct from us to ship into several states.

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