And Now For Something a Little Different-Our White Wine Labels

Here you see a collection of labels that we have used through the years with our different white wines. We started out with an altered version of the red labels for the first few vintages. We decided to take another turn with our white wine packaging in late 1996. It was then that we started discussions with Santa Cruz, California artist Sarah Kerlin. After a few meetings, discussing the personalities of the different wines and selecting some different themes, we set her loose on a project to create unique new artwork for our white wines. She came up with 3 stunning floral images that you see here. These were used on the 1996 and 1997 vintage white wines. However, we have since turned our winemaking focus to rest more squarely on our red wines. So, you might not see these labels every year but they will reappear from time to time.

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