Where And How To Find Us

We are easy to find, if you have a few helpful hints:

To Find Our Wine:

We distribute our wines in several states. If you live in Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, Texas, Northern California or Southern California finding the nearest restaurant or wine shop that carries wines from Phoenix Vineyards is as easy as contacting the proper people in the list below:

In Colorado: Elizabeth Imports/Serranissima Wines (Jeff Seaton)-phone 303.394.0691/ fax 303.394.0693

In Iowa: Wine Intelligence (Eric Rosenquist)-phone/fax 319.358.7050

In Michigan: The McLean Wine Company,Inc. (Karen Grossman)-phone 616.678.9463

In Texas: Vine & Spirits Distributing (Jeff Kaye or Steve Black)-phone 214.630.0650 /fax 214.630.0990

In the Northern California: Harvest Wines (Ron Kantor)-phone 800.655.3003

In Southern California: The Angeles Wine Agency (Peter Poulos)-phone 818.508.9863 /fax 818.980.2156

Directions For Visiting Phoenix Vineyards

We do offer sales by appointment for visitors. It is very important that interested guests call ahead several days in advance of their visit. This can be done toll-free at 877-374-6364. If you do not here is a good chance you may find the gate locked and no one around. We have only one full time employee (yours truly, the winemaker) and during most seasons I have a hectic schedule trying to run the business, make, transport, and market the wines for your ultimate enjoyment.

Below is a map which should help you find us. We look forward to receiving your phone call!

Directions To Phoenix Vineyards

From the South
1. Take Highway 29 North to get to Napa
2. Pass the first few exits (Imola Ave., First Street, Lincoln Ave.)
3. Pass the first stoplight at Redwood Road/Trancas Ave.
4. Turn LEFT at second stoplight (TROWER AVE.)
5. TROWER AVE. ends at Dry Creek Road
7. Follow DRY CREEK ROAD past Linda Vista Ave.
8. After Linda Vista Ave. look to the left for our address on mailbox (the driveway will be approx. 1 mile from TROWER AVE.)
9. At the 3163, 3167 and 3175 DRY CREEK ROAD Mailboxes (in one group) turn LEFT up driveway
NOTE: there is a sign for Phoenix Vineyards a few feet up the drive
NOTE ALSO: if you reach ORCHARD AVE., you have gone TOO far; turn around

10. Pass the houses on either side and pass through the gate to immediately park
11. The winery in the brown and white building at your immediate right

From the North
1. Head South on Highway 29 towards Napa
2. Pass Yountville (stoplight at Madison Ave.)
3. Pass the stoplights at Salvador Ave. and Wine Country Ave.
4. Turn RIGHT at next stoplight (TROWER AVE.)
5. see steps 5 through 11 above

And, always, please call ahead. Toll Free, 1-877-374-6364.
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